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Offer Valid: 05/15/2020 - 05/31/2020
Rediscover a healthier, more youthful-looking shine with Neora’s new professional-level Proluxe™ Hair Care System. Our first-of-its-kind hair care line works to seek out, identify and address every sign of damage and aging.
We leveraged our unparalleled skincare expertise to create a breakthrough, professional-level, system to rejuvenate your hair’s healthy and youthful looking shine, volume, color, bounce and softness.

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ProLuxe™ Rebalancing Shampoo: A daily, scalp-balancing shampoo that cleanses and strengthens. Rebalancing Shampoo is rich in powerful protein blends that help fight the signs of aging and damaged hair.
•provide an optimal environment for healthy hair
•help balance scalp’s sebum for ideal moisturization
•cleanse away impurities, pollutants and build-up
•work to allow optimal exchange of nutrients at scalp 
•help strengthen hair
ProLuxe™ Rebalancing Conditioner: A nutrient-dense daily conditioner that deeply nourishes while working to restore your hair’s soft, smooth, radiant appearance and youthful feel and movement.
•deeply nourish and hydrate
•reinforce optimal moisturization for oily and dry scalps
•work to strengthen and protect hair
•provide relief from an itchy scalp
ProLuxe™ Scalp Treatment: A state-of-the-art, daily leave-in treatment that works to create the ideal environment for producing the appearance of stronger, thicker, younger-looking hair. 
•work to create the ideal environment for producing the appearance of stronger, thicker, younger-looking hair
•penetrate deep into the scalp to target the hair follicle to combat white hair and maintain natural hair color without using colorants 
•help support a healhy scalp by improving skin renewal, barrier function and natural exfoliation
•work to strengthen hair and restore smoothness and suppleness
•reinforce optimal moisturization for oily and dry scalps
ProLuxe™ Hair Mask is an intenzie, weekly treatment that finds and repairs almost every kind of damage done to the hair shaft
•penetrate deep into the hair fiber to repair damaged hair by bonding together broken strands
•restore hair’s youthful, healthy appearance, including improved shine, strength, elasticity and manageability
•provide immediate results with cumulative impact after multiple uses
•improve color retention
•provide relief from an itchy scalp

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